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Orac Installation Workshops

These introductory workshops will provide a combination of class room information and hands-on instruction of the basic, yet critical, installation techniques. They will be of use to you if you are a designer, dealer, contractor, or simply someone who wants to have the job installed correctly and profitably the first time.

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Each workshop is intended to accomplish the following:

1) Introduce you to Orac products (approx 30 min)
2) Show you how to work with Orac products (approx 6 hours), which includes
  • planning and preparing your work
  • useful installation techniques
  • time-saving tips and tricks
  • using handy tools
  • working with complex internal and external corners of different angles
  • dealing with joints
  • proper cleaning and surface preparation to ensure a good application
  • avoiding installation-related failures

Participants will receive
  • a certificate
  • a van sticker
  • a mitre box
  • a show case with samples
  • a luxury picture book
  • catalogues and brochures

To find out more about the workshops please call on 020 8660 2854 or

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